The Mendacious Inquisition of “New Atheism” – Part 4

During the previous three parts of this series, I’ve brought to your attention the bitter and vacuous conduct of “New Atheism” Inquisitors C.J. Werleman, Reza Aslan, and Glenn Greenwald. The deplorable lengths that they are willing to go to in order to discredit those that seek to have an intelligent conversation and/or debate about the real threat that Islamism is at present and how best to address it. But if you wish to see a truly egregious example of their brand of vile chicanery in all its contemptible glory, then look no further than Cenk Uygur.

Cenk Uygur
Cenk Uygur

I used to be a fan of his show, “The Young Turks“. Uygur won me over back in 2006, when I witnessed him absolutely lose his shit over the media’s gross incompetence in its reporting about Iraq during the lead up to the 2003 invasion.  He captured my own outrage over the media’s incomprehensible complacency with the Bush Administration and its desire to invade Iraq. And even if the media would do a story about any of the evidence and/or arguments that contradicted the narrative that Bush and Co. were putting forth, they would do so in a very flippant manner or bury the story in the back pages, as the Washington Post infamously did with their article about how most of the Bush Administration’s claims had been thoroughly debunked.

I admired how Uygur and his crew were able to provide a political commentary from a leftist perspective while still maintaining a fact-based credibility. Unlike Fox News, they didn’t fabricate stories or just make shit up and call it “facts” in order to support their positions. Unfortunately, it all came crumbling down when Uygur decided to start drinking the “social justice warrior” Kool-Aid, especially when it came to “Islamaphobia”.

Just like Werleman, Aslan, and Greenwald, he started misquoting Sam Harris in order to make it appear as though Harris wanted to use nuclear weapons to wipe out each and every Muslim walking the face of the Earth. He even invited both Reza Aslan and C.J. Werleman on his show to help propagate this garbage. Once again, Sam Harris found himself having to defend and clarify his positions in the face of this intentionally dishonest smear campaign. Like he had done before, Harris publicly called out those responsible. However, this time was different. Not long after C.J. Werleman’s appearance on TYT, he was busted for being a serial plagiarist by Stephen Knight over at the Godless Spellchecker blog and also by Dr. Peter Boghossian. This put Uygur in a precarious position because now he had to figure out how he could distance himself from Werleman after he had just been publicly endorsing Werleman’s accusations against Sam Harris a few days earlier on his show.

Uygur agreed to do a one on one interview with Sam Harris on his show, where Harris could clean up the falsities that had been previously vomited up by both Werleman and Aslan. While Uygur had been flagrantly dickish towards Harris on his show many times in the past, that was not the case once he had to face Harris in person. It took less than five minutes into the interview before Uygur started walking back some of the things that he had been saying about Harris, especially the accusation that Harris wanted to commit nuclear genocide against the entire Muslim world. For three hours, Harris lucidly and coherently explained his positions on everything from the “controversial” nuclear comments mentioned before to his often misconstrued views on profiling. You can watch that interview here, which happened on October 23, 2014.

And what did Cenk Uygur do after this interview where Sam Harris spent three hours explaining his positions in meticulous fucking detail? You guessed it. He went right back to lying about Harris’ positions and continues to falsely accuse Harris of wanting to a nuclear strike against all Muslims, even to this day. YouTuber Atheist Ninja has a good video mashup of Uygur making the accusations on his show, as recently as this past September 11th, and also him admitting that his accusations are bullshit during the interview with Harris last year.

Another recent example of Cenk Uygur’s deceptive nonsense is how he characterized an email exchange between Harris and Noam Chomsky. According to Uygur, Chomsky intellectually eviscerated Harris in a debate over the issue of Islamic terrorism by exposing Harris’ as nothing more than the hateful bigot that he had always claimed him to be. In reality, there never was a debate because Chomsky was never really interested in having one. Instead of engaging Harris directly, he ended up just repeating himself ad nauseum and resorting to churlish and, at times, contradictory rhetoric. It was truly disappointing to see someone who is held in such high regard among public intellectuals, as Chomsky is, reduce themselves to such a clumsy line of reasoning usually reserved for the likes of Cenk Uygur. I encourage you to read Ben Cohen’s take on the exchange over at The Daily Banter.

During this series, I have brought to your attention the assault on intellectual integrity that these people have orchestrated. They focus on character assassination tactics like straw-manning the points being made, distorting the motives of those making those points, or just outright lying about what is being said rather than providing an intelligible refutation against the arguments they disagree with. It is one thing to behave in this manner over social media platforms like Twitter or through email exchanges. But to continue to do so after you’ve filmed yourself discussing the matter face to face with the person you’ve been targeting, where you even admit to your dishonesty on camera, is a special sort of asininity.

This is the level of corruption and dishonesty that these buffoons will resort to in order to vilify anyone who tries to address the issue of Islamism and its effects on not just non-Muslims but secular Muslims, as well. Let us not forget that when we tally the casualty list for these murderous attacks, it is quite often other Muslims who are the ones that make up the injured or killed. By providing apologetics for these psychopaths, people like C.J. Werleman, Reza Aslan, Glenn Greenwald, and Cenk Uygur help create an environment in which these atrocities carried out by religious fanatics are dismissed as nothing more than retaliation against U.S. foreign policy decisions. And they make damn sure that no one can rebuff their absurd explanations and analysis without having to worry about being slandered as an “Islamaphobe” or racist across all media platforms by this crooked group of intellectually infantile con artists.

You’ve heard of Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and Christopher Hitchens referred to as the Four Horsemen of the Non-Apocalypse. I present to you their opposites: Reza Aslan, C.J. Werleman, Glenn Greenwald, and Cenk Uygur – the Four Jackasses of the “New Atheist” Inquisition.