An Update Regarding the Comments Section

I greatly encourage discussion by our readers regarding the various articles and postings on this website. WordPress’ comment application is notorious for being overwhelmed by spam, however. In fact, since I launched this site back in September, all of the comments submitted have been nothing but spam. Also, in order to post a comment, you must have a WordPress profile, which many people don’t have.

So, in order to make participation in the conversations regarding the content of this site much more accessible to my readers, and to cut down on spam, I have decided to switch our comments section from the WordPress app to the Disqus app. Most websites seem to us Disqus for their comment sections, so chances are that many of you will probably already have a Disqus login if you are participate in commenting on other sites.

As I already said, I very much encourage our readers to participate in the conversation by provide their own comments and opinions on anything posted on this site, regardless if they agree or disagree with the content. All comments will be published in their entirety, with the obvious exceptions being things like spam or threats of violence directed at other users. Unlike some other sites, I will never remove comments because they are critical of us, the content on this site, or because someone’s feelings got hurt.

As always, I hope you enjoy your time on this site.