About Us


I’d like to welcome you to The National Heretic.

My vision for this publication is to provide information and entertainment for the members of the atheist, skeptic, and secular communities. As of now, I am the only contributor to this site, so I hope you will understand that I probably won’t be able to belt out a continuous stream of content, but I promise that I will make the effort to update it as often as my personal life will allow.

To start off with, I created 4 sections for this publication. Recently, I have added 2 more. I think that most, if not all, of them are self-explanatory, but I’m still going to waste your time by giving a rundown of each of them.

The Articles section is where you will find commentary on various stories or events involving atheism or secularism. I want you to be fully aware that I am not a journalist. I do not have a journalism degree, nor do I have any formal training in the field. While I always strive to be as factual as I can, I want you to know that what you will read will be my personal view on whatever subject I am commenting on. I will provide links in the articles were applicable, so that you can independently verify that the factual information that I am giving you is accurate.

You will immediately notice when reading your first article that I am not a neutral reporter. I am an atheist. SURPRISE!!! As such, you can fully expect for me to comment on these subjects from that perspective. If you wish for a completely unbiased approach, then this is probably not going to be your cup of tea. Also be warned that I am a pretty big opponent of censorship and I also am not an adherent to political correctness, so do not expect a sanitized commentary from me.

The Quote of the Week is where you will find your weekly quote from a prominent free thinker. Personally, I use these as inspiration when formulating arguments against theism. Besides, who doesn’t like whipping out a witty quote when applicable?

The Atheist of the Month is where you will find the name of an atheist I think you should know about. Depending on how active you are in the community, it may be someone you are already familiar with. Or it may not. I will provide a brief description of the person, as well as links to any websites/podcasts they may operate – if they are still alive, that is.

The Book of the Month is where you will find my top pick for monthly reading. I will provide a brief synopsis of the book, as well as a link to where you can purchase your own copy if you wish.

The Video of the Month is where you will find a video from my personal selection.

The Week in Review is where you will find links to stories from the past week that I think are worth knowing about.

We have also included an annual schedule for atheist, skeptic, and secular conferences and events. If your organization has an event and would like to have it listed, just let us know.

All updates will occur on Sunday at 9:00 am. Additional sections may be added at a later date.

My top priority here is that I want you, the reader, to enjoy this publication. I want you to walk away feeling both informed and entertained. To that end, I will always encourage feedback. Maybe there is someone that you would like to see be featured as the Atheist of the Month. Maybe there is a book you would like to recommend for the Book of the Month. Maybe there was some event that happened that you’d like to get my perspective on. If so, then feedback@nationalheretic.com is where you can send your suggestions to. Please make sure you add an relevent subject title for the email in order to make it easier for me to sort through them in the event that I get a lot of feedback.

Lastly, I’d like to address the comment sections. I am a staunch advocate of free speech and free expression, so I greatly encourage a public discourse on anything and everything you find on this site. Before doing so, however, you should know that this website will never, ever become a “safe space” where censorship is implemented just because someone’s feelings get hurt or someone says something that someone else doesn’t like. The only times I will step in to moderate any comments is if I suspect someone of spam or if someone is making actual threats of violence against another commenter.

I think that about covers it.

Happy reading,

The Insidious Faithslayer, Founder